Why Buy Local

It has been realized through various studies that your purchase from a local and independently owned business, instead of the businesses spread on national level, most of your money will considerably be used for making purchases from local service providers, farms and businesses involved in making the economy of the community strong.

Support for community groups: On average non-profit organisations receive 250% more support from the owners of small businesses instead of businesses of larger size.

Grow locally and sell locally.

Maintain the uniqueness of the community: We make our community home where we eat, shop and have fun. The unique character of this place considers our unique businesses as its essential part. It is also beneficial for our tourism business.

According to Richard Moe, the President of National Historic Preservation Trust, people want to be on same place instead of being on any other place whenever they search for destination to out during vacations.

Reduce the impact on environment: Usually locally owned businesses set their shops in city centres or in the town instead of its border areas which allows making purchases without requiring much transportation. In general it means fewer incidents of collisions, loss of environment, pollution and jams and blockages.

Generation of quality jobs: At national level small local level businesses are the biggest employers as they provide most of the jobs to the residents of local community.

Provide better services: Usually local businesses hire people who have better knowledge about the particular products sold by them and can spend enough time to understand the requirements of the customers.

Spend more in community: When local businesses are owned by the people living in the local community then most of them likely they will not leave it and will spend more and more money to make the future of the community better.

Your taxes are used for good things: The local businesses established in the town centers may need small amount of money for their infrastructure and use public services more efficiently in comparison to the national level stores introduced into the community.

You can buy according to your choice instead of others: A market where thousands of small businesses exist can be the best place to surely get innovative products at reasonable prices to use for long time. The large numbers of small businesses allow you to buy their products as per your choice instead of a national level sales scheme. The sales based on the requirement of the local customers and the interests of the businesses can help in providing wide range of choices to the customers.

Encourage prosperity of local community: According to an economic research conducted by a growing body it has been proved that in a more progressing world, businesses and their trained and qualified members of staff are supposed to stay and spend more money in the communities that help in preserving their individualistic character and unique businesses.



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