Buy Local/Shop Local College Park Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete the 2011 Buy Local/Shop Local College Park Survey. We really appreciate your feedback. The survey will be open until October 31, 2011. If you opt in for the drawing, you could win one of these great prizes from some of College Park’s wonderful locally-owned independent businesses:

The survey has ended.

12 thoughts on “Buy Local/Shop Local College Park Survey

  1. I am not alone among my neighbors in boycotting College Park shopping center since they installed those money-hungry inconvenient parking meters. I now go south on Rt 1 to Rite Aid instead of CVS- I go to the Chipolte in Hyattsville instead of the one in CP shopping center. Hyattsville is eclipsing CP for convenience and variety of eateries and food markets. But neither city offers hardly any independent retail so it feels like one big food court. We need retail- someplace other than Rugged Warehouse where I could maybe buy clothes for myself instead of just for my kids. FYI I am 49, have lived here for 23 years and have 4 children aged 15-21. I imagine I’m in your top income bracket. My son is a student at UMD. When I need to reach the beltway, I avoid Rt 1 for as long as possible by going University to Rt 1 instead of QC directly onto Rt 1- so because the traffic is so bad, I bypass most of your downtown businesses.

    • I find the new pay station at the shopping center so annoying. The meters were so much easier. I only go to CVS when I have to. And when I do, I park behind it where there are meters. The parking garage behind Ledo’s is not user friendly. UMD has easy to use pay stations. Why didnt the City use those? For over 25 years I have found that the City of College Park does not understand how much the parking situation negatively affects the businesses. I am all for the meters for quick run in and out shopping. And a decent pay station for the garages. I do make a point to go to the places that kept the meters, Bagel Place, Cal. Tort and behind the shopping center.

    • Love the comments Michele. Wonder if anyone will actually listen and do anything about our concerns. Doubtful since this has been going on for over a decade and a half in my experience.

  2. I would also like to add, since the new stores opened in Hyattsville, I go there frequently. There is free parking and I can stop at Rite Aid instead of going to CVS. I only go to CVS now to get my prescriptions. It’s really sad that College Park cant seem to get it right. And although I am excited about the new developement across from town hall, I’m not sure the parking will be any easier.

  3. I can afford the 75 cents to park at the CP shopping center, but find it so annoying that I have chosen to go elsewhere to shop. Or if I have to go the shopping center, i park somewhere nearby and walk. (Even in downtown DC, I can still park for 25 cents if I am just going to be a moment or two in a business.)

    I second Ms. Leonardi’s comment about retail.

  4. Driving along Rt. 1 is a pain, bicycling on Rt. 1 is almost impossible, and public transportation within the local area is infrequent and inconvenient!

  5. College park doesn’t have any unique or special dining opportunities and the clothing sales places are borderline Salvation Army quality. The parking is horrendous, traffic is a joke, and I am not paying a meter before I eat and then get taxed on the pizza, smoothie, or vintage tshirt. Other cities get this right but College Park must feel they are special. Get rid of the meters and you won’t need to “encourage” people to visit the city. Arundel Mills, Columbia, Rockville, Towson, Wheaton, Glen Burnie, and Waldorf are better because the food is actually good, traffic is manageable, and there is more to do than get drunk, eat pizza, and buy a t-shirt.

  6. I never shop or eat in downtown cp. it is very inconvient with parking and traffic. Why would you continue to build high rise apartments before expanding rt 1, very poor planning. I would love to go to Looney’s, but where is the parking?

  7. Everything is too tailored to the students. We need more eat in restaurants and variety in retail. My husband and I miss the Varsity Grille. The city is too restrictive in their requirements for a business coming here. It’s living/working/shopping/eating complexes or nothing. We’re not Bethesda. I wish the city would stop using them as the model for what we should become. Shopping and eating in College Park was great 30 years ago. My husband and I both grew up in the area and have lived in the city for over 26 years, raised our three sons here, and would love to spend our money within the city, but lack of variety, having to pay for parking and the gridlock of Route 1, just makes it easier to go outside of the city. I was on the Planning Commission years ago and was opposed to the current development that we are seeing and, for the very conditions we are experiencing. New and bigger is not always better.

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