Meeting Minutes 7/15


Thank you for everyone who came and had input. Below are the meeting minutes we had discussed during yesterdays meeting. Also see a reminder for etiquette for future meetings at the bottom.

  1. Desire to create a Business Alliance for College Park:

-Mission Statement

(what does this alliance look like? Who should be included? What should the goals be?)

-should residents be included? Perhaps that is premature at this point

-how are we going to recruit businesses?

-Name of the alliance? Several people expressed issues with naming it the “shop college park business alliance” because it theoretically limits who can be included by neglecting the service industry and at-home businesses etc.

-who would like to take a leadership role (chair, vice chair, etc)?

-How can we recruit/include more people in this process?

-possibility of doing online/teleconference meetings

-Possibility of using to create a College Park small business meet-up.


For future meetings

-Need each Merchant/ business owner to bring one more person with them

-successful meetings generally super early in the morning

-brief (hour to 1 ½ hours) kept on topic

-need to go to community events PTA, School, Churches etc

(promoting, networking, free advertising)

-look up community events

-merchants and residents can speak


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