Meeting Minutes 6/30

Meeting Minutes: June 30, 2017

The focus of the meeting was to reflect on the on the recent Buy Local and Independent Business Presentation and Workshop and work on developing a strategy to continue moving forward.

-Quick recap of the basics of the event- Jeff talked about the benefits of Buy Local campaigns and some examples of strategies that different communities used that worked. Then we had a workshop with College Park business owners to discuss some of the specific challenges faced by the College Park business community and share ideas about what we as a community could be doing.

-Other  Efforts

-Shop College

-Shop College Park Bags and stickers

-Downtown and Hollywood Guides

-Shop College Park Facebook and Twitter Accounts

–The University of Maryland: new administration, big issues is East Campus

-recent push to keep all catering on campus (in house) Marriot contract for large scale dining services

  1. We need buy-in from local businesses


Ideas of how to get some of this done

-Marketing department UMD- interns

-Give businesses own account to manage on

-Intern to go around- handhold with businesses to populate their pages

-window stickers for shop college park- advertise the website

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