College Park Growth Initiative

College Park monetary improvement association. Founded in 2016 by College Park County in an organization with the city of College Park, College Park County Business Alliance, a Small Business Development Center in Maryland and neighboring areas, the mission of the Center for the Growth is to fill in as the primary contact problem for organizations hoping to Develop in College Park. The growth center gives:


Construction and space: The growth center uses a Xceligent Commercial Real Estate database, used by land and finance experts in the district. Employees can recognize the choice from small commercial or office space to the largest mechanical structures or destinations available for a new promotion. Our employees participate in improving the condition of the land and financing and do not offer free assistance in finding the place or space which best suits your requirements.


Business / mechanical stop and improvement: in College Park, there are more than 80 new / business parks with an area of over 80 million square feet. Various office stops and destinations include the largest provincial office advertising in an area of more than 20 million square feet. Another 20 areas – at the stage of organization or early promotion, and also we are working with accomplices to improve new business stops and places in several groups. In case your enterprise includes a new development, we work with you to distinguish the sites (sites) that best suit your needs.


Work with the endorsement procedure: our employees participate in the nearby, provincial and also state government. We understand the close process of endorsement and will work with you to study it, and can assist in any areas, state or other administrative approvals which may be required. We go when your client benefits the delegate, receiving approvals that are important for promoting your enterprise in the most limited time.


Recognize the needs of the workforce and the interaction of business with assets to promote the workforce. The talent and also education manager works with the Development Center and associate offices to distinguish the required work, important training to give the opportunities that you have been looking for in your activities, available subsidies to cover the Cost Preparation segment and is filed as an asset when expanding your base of opportunities.


Projects related to financing to promote business development: The growth center is approaching the funds of renewable loans and the mezzanine loan program. We work with credit specialists every day to create individual cash packages that meet the requirements of each enterprise. Specific enterprises may require reimbursable loan costs from Maryland (MEDC), financing to finance industrial revenues, and additional tax increases. Our employees participate in the creation of financial packages that range from the Main Street retail chain to a largest corporate office and modern enterprises.


A passion for business: The growth center is the goal of contacts for future organizations, specialists, and engineers inspired by the College Park area. We work closely with the neighborhood governments in College Park, and associates, labor/training materials, the M7 (Provincial Monetary Policy Improvement Organization) and a Maryland Economic Development Corporation (Maryland) to meet the needs and business combinations.


Business Advisory Administrations: in a joint effort with the Maryland Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Growth Center supports business visionaries and entrepreneurs in many areas, regardless of whether they have recently started, hoping to cope with their activities or prepare to develop. Administrations include a free one-on-one consultation with experienced professionals and access to user devices and assets.

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